Nina Agdal Just Gave Dominos The Biggest Endorsement Of All Time

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 2.50.23 PM

Dominos couldn’t have asked for a better spokeswoman than Nina Agdal. I am under the assumption she did this on her on volition, but it would actually make it even better if they paid for this as an ad. That would be amazing- while all these companies are going all PC and apologizing for the most innocent of ads, how cool would it be if Dominos was like nah, fuck that, we want Nina with her tits out, Rose from Titanic style, wearing shoes and only shoes. And you know what- it makes sense. These girls are going to be posing on Instagram anyway, so instead of selling some bullshit weight-loss teas and protein powders, might as well have real companies get a piece of that pie. I don’t think Dominos paid for this picture, but it’s without a doubt the best ad I’ve ever seen.