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Chelsea Handler Says What Everybody Is Thinking About Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

I like Chelsea Handler a lot. Always have. She’s funny and she seems like she’d be a decent hang cause she’s always drunk. And it seems like she’s down to fuck 24/7 so there’s a chance you could have sex with her. She slept with 50 Cent and it’d be cool to be eskimo brothers with Fiddy. I think. Probably not actually. Anyway she’s also one of the few people who speaks her mind. Like this. I’d be willing to bet she’s the only host of a talk show that was willing to say Brad Pitt was drunk and high all the time because he had 50 adopted children. Everyone else likely tip toed around it. I’d also be willing to bet she’s the only one who called Angelina Jolie a fucking lunatic because………..Angelina Jolie is a fucking lunatic. She had sex with Billy Bob Thornton and made out with her own brother. Case closed. She is a crazy person. Chelsea and Jennifer Aniston being good friends probably stoked the fire a little bit too but whatever.