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Some Creepy Fan Had The Nerve To Run Up On My Girl Gigi Hadid And Grab Her

BACK THE FUCK UP WILLY WONKA! What a CREEP. What a weird thing to do. “Hey I’m just gonna run up on this world famous supermodel and pick her up like we’re old college friends. She’ll be totally cool with that.” Nah bro. That’s the type of thing that will get you killed. I wanna kill that guy and profess my love to Gigi. That’s probably the only way I can get her to fall in love with me. By the way, where were Gigi’s 6-foot-8 300-pound black body guards that every celebrity has nowadays? Needed one of them to clothesline that freak. I will say this, I love that my girl Gigi has some fight in her. She didn’t run and hide. She was ready to fuck that dude up if her entourage let her go. She even got a couple punches in. I’m so in love.