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How In The World Is Barstool Blocked At London's Gatwick Airport?

So a Stoolie sent this in today and I have to admit that it boggled my mind. I was left flummoxed. I understand that some offices or stuffy places around our great yet pussified country could find Barstool offensive enough to block it. I’m not saying it’s right, but I’m saying I am not surprised. I mean this video of a couple of buddies messing with their passed out friend was actually pulled from YouTube because it was deemed as offensive bullying:


However, any European country blocking Barstool is bonkers to me. I’m pretty sure they have porn on regular TV over there. The word “cunt” is ingrained in British culture. You say that over here, you are likely to get slapped the fuck up. What’s a little Guess That Ass going to do to a weary traveler trying to fly back across the pond to the greatest country in the world? Absolutely, positively shameful shit. Those wankers are probably still upset about 1776. Bailing an entire continent out of two World Wars doesn’t get you what it used to I suppose.