Blue Jays Fans Invade Safeco Field In Seattle, Go Nuts When Jose Bautista Launches Game-Tying Home Run In 9th





Joey Bats has a thing for coming through in big spots, while pissing off old white guys at the same time. He’s done it again today in Seattle. I’m sure Goose Gossage has nothing but good things to say about that bat flip and backwards skip down the first baseline. Before the fun police come out, I have no problem with what Bautista did. Flip on, skip on, do whatever the fuck you want. The more theatrics, the better. I love all of it. Just don’t act confused when you get rocked in the face for it.

But what the hell’s up with Mariners fans? I’ve seen fans of opposing teams get tickets for an entire section before, but this is quite literally Blue Jays fans taking over their entire stadium. The Blue Jays don’t even fill up their own ballpark like they just filled up Safeco Field. The games for this Blue Jays series in Seattle have drawn around 35,000 fans, and I’d say about 34,900 of them are Blue Jays fans. It’s bananas. The Mariners are 3 games out of a Wild Card spot. How could you allow this to happen to your ballpark in the middle of a playoff race? Embarrassing, Seattle. Be better.

PS — Love King Felix telling Blue Jays fans whose house it is after shutting Toronto out for seven innings.