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The Hot New Plastic Surgery Trend For Guys Is 'Scrotox,' To Smooth Out Ball Wrinkles And Make Them Look Bigger

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The Sun – The number of men enquiring about scrotox. – yes, that’s having Botox injected into your scrotum – has doubled in the past year, according to the experts.

The op, which can cost up to £2,800 ($3,635 US), helps ease sweating, lessens the appearance of wrinkles and makes the scrotum appear larger by helping the muscles relax, the Metro reports.

It is already a staple on the menu at clinics across the US, and with the UK around three years behind the plastic surgery times, experts say they expect to see a surge in interest in the coming years.

Mark Norfolk, clinical director at Transform, a national clinic, said though they do not offer Scrotox, they have seen a huge rise in the number of patients asking about the procedure.

He told The Sun Online: “Over the past year, requests for scrotum Botox have doubled at Transform showing the huge demand and interest for this procedure.”

The guy at the clinic goes on to say that his clinic hasn’t added the “scrotox” to its menu yet because they question the benefits of the procedure (in fact he says if you worry about your testicle wrinkles, he says the only solution is getting some skin removed to tighten it up, sounds like a delight). But even if this were a 100% fool proof thing and you could give your balls a floor wax-caliber smoothness, why would you do this? How many people are seeing your balls that it somehow becomes a worthwhile endeavor? Or how sweaty are your balls 24/7 that you need to go to this length to keep them on point instead of investing in a container of Gold Bond medicated powder?

Maybe I’m not narcissistic enough about my genitals but I simply can’t sit here and let other men risk the health of one of the most important organs you have. Wake up in the morning and tell your balls you love them, prop a leg up on the bathroom sink every morning to let them look in the mirror and give them some daily affirmations that they’re “good enough, strong enough and gosh darnit people like them,” whatever it takes. But don’t fall prey to the same thing women have with the “vaginal rejuvenation” fads. We’re better than this, men. Your balls are beautiful and so are you.