Get Your Questions In For The Week 3 Barstool Fantasy Podcast With @BalesFootball


“The more knowledge you attain, the more straight cash homie you shall receive.” – Voltaire, probably.

Week 3, baby. Fantasy Football master and creator Johnathan Bales rejoins myself this year for our weekly Fantasy Football shows. That means two things: 1) It doesn’t matter if Justin Hunter is on Death Row/dead, expect him to be a great value week in and week out, and 2) You have the most underrated and valuable FF show in all the land back for another season. When it comes to Fantasy Football, I’m no slouch myself a tremendous slouch, but this kid @BalesFootball is legitimately one of the best Fantasy Football minds in the country. The guy cleans HOUSE and will give you everything you need to know. Best take advantage while you can (and while it’s free, might not be giving this shit away for long).

Send in your Week 3 questions, comments, concerns, and hate to or to @Smittybarstool and @BalesFootball ASAP. We’re recording this puppy tonight for opening day tomm.

Also, Fantasy Labs is Bales’ impressive site that allows users to create their own DFS models. You wanna clean house in Daily Fantasy this season? Subscribe NOW. And it’s for all sports, not just football. If Mark Cuban thinks FantasyLabs is good enough to invest mucho capital in (seriously, that happened), so should you. Have at it.