Trey Mancini Hits A BOMB In His Second Career At-Bat.

What a start for the Orioles young stud, Trey Mancini. A big stoolie, Mancini got called up on Sunday, notched his first start tonight and it didn’t take him very long to make an impact. Eduardo Rodriguez was cruising along, and then Mancini got his second look at him and deposited it into the Red Sox dugout. Watching his mom be brought to tears by his bomb was fantastic. No silent treatment here. He got the love from Manny, a hug from Jones, someone was pegging him with sunflower seeds. Just an awesome moment. What a god damn missile by the kid from Notre Dame. Couldn’t happen to a better kid, the first of many for this guy. He once told me that his dream was to make it onto Barstool, glad I can make his dream come true.

PS. This guy is going to fit in great here in Baltimore.

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