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Bart Hubbuch Deleted His Twitter! RIP Bart!

We did it, people! WEEEEE DIDDDDD ITTTTTTTT!!!!!

I really want to drive that point home. WE did it. We all did. Our collective hate drove him from Twitter Town (he’ll undoubtedly be back with some hack excuse as to why he left. The villain is never really dead in a movie unless you see him die on-screen. Bart’s pathetic, but he’s not pathetic enough to go whimpering into the night. At least, I don’t think so). But don’t let that stop your jubilation. Today, we are all free. We’re free from the horribly obnoxious trolling of a “journalist” in a major metropolitan city. WE FUCKING DID IT!

The best part of all of this is the funeral/Irish jig grave dancing that’s gone on after his demise. It makes the munchkins celebrating the witch’s death look like a shit high school party. Everyone… EVERYONE… has come out to express their joy for the passing of our dear Bart. Boston fans, New York fans, fans of not stupid tweets, absolutely everyone is partying in the streets tonight. Twitter is a combative and divided website on every single topic except for our feelings for Bart Hubbuch. Not a soul enjoyed him and not a soul respected him. Adios, Bart! I’ll be sure to pick up a copy of the Post and keep up with your work! LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

PS – Don’t believe me about the Twitter reactions? I got receipts!