Week 2 NFL Fashion Round Up AKA Your Wife's Favorite Blog

Nice to see the comment section is back and better than ever for the weekly fashion roundup. Week two. Lets ride.


Carson fucking cool, baby.


While hollywood Jared Goff is figuring out which side of the world the sun sets, Carson Wentz is looking like the franchise QB that every Eagles fan has ever dreamed of while not looking like he is wearing JC Penny suit. The glasses are comedic gold.

Cam Newton



like how the hell did he come up with this one?

“Make me look like I should be a lead role on Boardwalk Empire”
“Say no more”

JJ Watt



This is classic JJ. The “I am going to honor a guy that everyone loved buy wearing a shirt that looks like I purchased it at Express but Im just a regular dude too, so let me wear that shirt from Sandlot with the fat kid on it postgame.” look. These shirts paired with his little chain screams “Seaside isn’t going to be able to handle me this weekend, bro.”

Blake Bortles


Just tell me where to send a button down to, Blake. Damn it.

Big Ben


Guys, its time for an intervention. Big Ben is addicted to baby blue. This week, a shade darker, but still screaming “Give me my fucking money you asshole” like Ace Rothstein.


Hopefully, for Ben’s sake and everyone else’s, He takes a week off from the baby blue next week. You don’t want to lose to the eagles and look like a fool.

Josh McCown


The classic Philly Summer SIPs shirt. “Im not putting in effort with my $35 plain gray shirt with the wide neck. You are, loser.”

Jay Cutler


The Hangover IV.

I saw this photo before kickoff last night and thought “Jason Kelce is either the coolest MOFO around or he is just the biggest douche.” and quickly, after this penalty-filled and downright dreadful performance last night, It is officially my selection for worst dressed of the week. The shirt is downright awesomely bad (you read that right) but the Hawaiian shirt with the beanie and dress slacks is such an odd combo. Figure it out.

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