Godzingis Swatting And Dunking On The Kid That Cried When The Knicks Drafted Him Just Made My Day

For reference:

This is a great life lesson for this kid. The things you do or say have actual consequences. I love how ruthless these NBA players have gotten at their camps these days. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have minded seeing Godzingis wag the finger of Mutombo in this kid’s face and then poke him in the eye with it. Sure this may have a little something to do with him becoming fucking BFFs with Porzingis and getting 2300+ Instagram followers simply because he booed Porzingis on draft day. The kid has basically started a cottage industry by booing the best Knick he will ever see in his lifetime. I can’t even get a pity Twitter follow out of the 7’3 unicorn and I went all the way to fucking Latvia to learn about him.

So watching this kid’s shit get punted and then having a mini hammer of Godzingis dropped on his head made me smile on a day where I am worrying about my future at Barstool. But bloggers can’t be choosers. Thanks Kristaps, you always know how to fix everything.