Why The Hell Didn't Anyone Tell Me I Looked This Dad/Magoo With My Jersey Tucked Into Jeans?


Holy Phil Dunphy. So this an image from yesterday’s NYC shitty cheesesteak review, and I am still shook. First off, I don’t think this move is par for my course. Just last week at the Eagles game my shit was flapping in the breeze like it should. I guess I was trying to class it up for the office, or something. This isn’t even about living in a society. This is about being part of a team. I’m no “Club Cool” cat, but when one of your boys looks like this you kind of have to say something, right?

I called out the office last night and Feits hit me with a “If you don’t know how bad that looks, then you don’t deserve to know”, and you know what? I agree with him. 100%.

Honestly, I haven’t been this rattled since nobody told me I have the whitest karaoke game in the known universe. No, I still don’t know what this move is and, no, I don’t want to know.