I'm Pretty Worried That People Are Gonna Believe This Guy Who Says You Can Drill A Headphone Jack Into Your iPhone 7

Clearly a joke, right? Very humorous video that people can chuckle at, right? Unfortunately I guarantee at least 1% of the people who watch that video are going to try that. Why? Cause people are idiots. Cause people believe anything and everything that’s on the internet. Cause people are (rightfully) legitimately pissed that Apple took away the headphone jack and they want it back and will likely go to great lengths for that to happen. That video has over 5 1/2 million views and it’s only been out for 3 days. You’re telling me that a percentage of those views aren’t gonna break out a Black & Decker drill and go HAM on their iPhone 7? They will. Guaranteed. Honestly, I wish this drill thing actually worked cause I would do it too. I would do it in a heart beat. Not having a headphone jack is fucking ridiculous. Apple says they’re being brave but they’re just money-hungry corporate thugs and not the cool Young Jeezy kind.