Jimmy Fallon Responds To People Saying He Was Too Easy On Donald Trump

Does anybody else get the feeling that Jimmy Fallon hates his own show? Maybe I’m reading too much into it but when he said, “Have you seen my show?” in response to the question about him being too easy on Trump, it really looked like a piece of him died inside. Like he wishes he had a different type of late night show where it was edgy but the games and the wacky segments get ratings with old people so he’s a slave to those. That’s what it felt like to me. He wishes he had a show where he could lampoon a person like Trump right to his face instead of asking to mess up his hair. I’m in the camp saying it would’ve been a great heel turn moment if Fallon had looked Trump right in the face, who was expecting softballs, and just been like, “What’s it like being a Cheeto-covered monster?” And BOOM that’s just the new Jimmy Fallon. They guy who grills people. The Don’t Give A Single Fuck Fallon. It would’ve been a spectacular TV moment. Alas.

PS- Fallon is hammered in that video. Straight hammered.