Matt LeBlanc Is Taking Some Heat For Telling Emilia Clarke (Khaleesi) That He Wants To See Her Naked

Well I’m confused. That was pretty harmless, no? First of all, Matt LeBlanc REALLY didn’t wanna be there it seemed. Second, it was clearly a joke (wink wink). He didn’t even say anything that weird. I was expecting him to be real creepy with it and be gesturing at her and shit. They weren’t even in the same camera frame. That didn’t actually upset people did it?


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Fire up the outrage machine! It would’ve been one thing if LeBlanc had been like, “Yeah I wanna see those tits, girl! Can’t wait to watch the show and seem them boobies. Might even pause the DVR on them boobies.” He simply said he wanted to see her naked. Pretty sure that’s a compliment where I come from. Also let’s not gloss over the fact that there are literally thousands, and maybe millions, of people who watch the show just to see nudity. It’s part of why the show is great. People getting mad just to get mad again. Classic internet.

PS- Somebody needs to tell Matt that somewhere along the line Emilia Clarke worked a No Nudity clause into her contract. He can probably just skip over those seasons.