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Philadelphia Has Invaded Chicago And Declared Prima Nocta At Wrigley Field

Incredible. At a Cubs/Brewers game, no less. So disrespectful you gotta respect it. Might as well go and whip my nuts out on Big Cat’s desk and give his keyboard a good ol’ fashioned teabagging while we’re at it. Philly fans, especially those who bleed green, historically travel well. Very well. It’s the best money us people will spend this side of alimony. But this, this is something else. The barbarian hoard has conquered Wrigley Field in anticipation for MNF. Heaven help any fanbase with the stones to do this in South Philadelphia. Can you imagine if a bunch of nerd Nates started singing Hail To The Redskins at Citizen’s Bank Park? Philly fans get a rough rap, but there’s a good chance no Skins fans would walk out of that one with their spine’s intact.

Love it. No one likes us, we don’t care.