Sansa Stark Was The Hottest Thing At The Emmys Last Night

Sansa Stark or Sophie Turner or whatever. Game of Thrones characters will always and forever be their TV names to me. I suppose it’s the sign of a good television show. Same goes for characters from The Wire. Omar Little will always be Omar Little to me. Not Chalky White or Prison Freddy. It’s Omar Little. Anyway, Sansa Stark all grown up! A little weird that we’ve been watching Sansa since she was 15 and now she looks smoking hot on the red carpet at the Emmys? Or weird that I brought that up at all? Either way, she is a SMOKE now. The Emmys aren’t really known for their red carpets and dress but Sansa looked great. She looks a trillion times better with the blonde hair. Since my last GOT girlfriend died recently on the show I’m on the lookout for a replacement and Sansa might be it. I’m ready for season 7 of GOT to start. Is that happening soon? Like 7 months? Sweet.