The Newest Zero Blog Thirty Is Up

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Let me start by saying a YUGE thanks to all the Stoolies who subscribed and listened to the first episode. Ya’ll made Zero Blog Thirty shoot to number 1 in the Government and Organizations category and the number 5 overall podcast this week. Incredible.

This week’s episode we go over my and Connor’s background so you can get a better understanding where we are coming from. We also talk about the fact that I was a real life virgin until I was 21 which is shocking considering how handsome I was.

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We talk about Clinton’s emails, her being kinda dead, Kim Jung-Trump, putting spit in my cargo pocket, and warming my hands in the sink because I’m a huge pussy. Good show overall. At least the second best podcast we’ve done so far.

In one part of the pod, I mention how drill instructors scream at you. Here’s a visual to go along with the story.

If you have a great story about getting out of something at work in the military, email me at

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Oh, and the dude who killed Bin Laden stopped by the shop this week too. Pretty nice little first week.