FBI Releases Picture And Information On Ahmad Khan Rahami - The Terrorist Responsible For The Chelsea And Elizabeth Explosions

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 8.17.25 AM

Walls are closing in fast on this prick. Everyone with an iPhone got an “WANTED” alert. His picture and name are all over the internet. Its only a matter of time before this loser is in custody. Luckily there has only been minor injuries and this dude is clearly sloppy, but still this kinda shit is scary. It makes you feel like every garbage can or every bag you see could actually be a bomb. This dude is probably on the run now but who knows if he dropped another one somewhere else. Who knows if another lunatic is gonna pick up his baton and run with it. With the political climate here in America at an all time low, it just feels like we’re ripe for the picking. These terrorists – whether high level or low level – are patient and wait for the right time. Sucks to say but it feels like now is the right time for more of these things.

Here’s to hoping the people and the authorities of this city, and every city across the country, continue to do what they do. The only reason these bombs werent successful was because people saw something and said something, If we’re gonna protect ourselves from these fuckers its the only way. Gotta work together with law enforcement, not against them. Time to come together and remember that the true enemy are radical terrorists.

PS – Bill de Blasio was so adamant this had nothing to do with terrorism it was a little unnerving. That dude and his people are so lost its not even funny.