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Weatherman Eats Food Off The Ground On Live TV, Turns Out It Was Cat Vomit That Fell Off His Shoe



I have to admit that I’m a huge “eat things off the floor guy”. People who are germaphobes suck. Life is too short to not eat things off the floor. 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 minutes I don’t really care. Unless something is literally covered in dirt I’m going to eat it. Does that mean I live sort of fast and loose? Yeah I guess, if you want to call me a bad-ass I’m not going to sit here and disagree. But here is where this guy made a crucial crucial error. He owns a cat. He’s a grown man that owns a house cat. His judgement is already so far off course that he can’t be saved. He has no sense of right or wrong, good or evil, cat vomit or grape nuts. So I guess the point of the story is this, it’s not wrong to eat things off the floor, it’s wrong to be a man who owns a housecat, don’t let this video confuse the message.



Unrelated but sort of related to the Germaphobe thing, if you don’t double dip or let people double dip then you need to lighten up. Double dipping is the only way I dip, ever.