Saturday: Trashcan Bomb Injures 29 in NYC and Alleged ISIS-linked Terrorist Stabs 8 In Minnesota

Manhattan, New York City hit by explosion

8:30 PM Saturday night. Chelsea (very nice NYC neighborhood. well nice for new york). Trashcan in front of 131 W 23rd, about a 5 min walk from Barstool HQ.

A second device was found nearby.

Bomb reportedly sounded like this.

Mayor de Blasio calling it an intentional act and a bombing but not terrorism. Hmmm.

Some anonymous dude called 911 and made threats.

There was also a pipe bomb explosion in a trashcan in Jersey and a mass-stabbing at a Minnesota mall. Authorities now saying the two bombings were likely done by the same person*. None were injured in Jersey. 29 were injured in NYC (none life-threatening). 8 were stabbed in Minnesota (none life-threatening) before an off duty cop shot and killed the terrorist. ISIS channels have claimed him as one of theirs.

*originally claimed no connection, which I wrote in original blog.

“The police said that the attacker had mentioned Allah and asked at least one victim if he was Muslim. All eight victims were expected to survive.” (via NY Times)

I know it’s Sunday and Sunday is for recovering, hanging, and watching football because we’re American and that’s what free American people do. But crucial to remember: still bad people out there trying to do bad things.

Also some real good people who had some real shitty Saturdays. We should all be aware of and thinking about them — good people are awesome, terrorists suck.