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Sticks Out For Harambe: Alabama Hockey Team Hosting Harambe Night For Primate Sanctuary


When I think college hockey, my mind immediately goes down to Tuscaloosa with Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. You may think Bean Pot. You may think B1G schools like Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin. But the SEC doesn’t get enough love as a puck conference and Alabama is here to change that perception. They’ve got a tough road ahead if they want to follow in the steps of the football team and be national ACHA champions in March, but they’ll have an old pal in their corner rooting for them this season. He felt more like a brother to us at times, and we miss him dearly every moment of our lives. By now I’m sure you’ll have realized that we’re talking about Harambe.

Now what exactly is a Harambe Night, you may be asking yourselves? Well as an SEC Ice Hockey Insider (no big deal or anything), I’ve been told that Bama will be wearing special commemorative uniforms that will look like gorilla fur. The team will also be donating 10% of all proceeds from ticket/merchandise sales to the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary in Tampa. Where, here’s the kicker, they will be adopting a monkey.


Now when I first heard this, I thought the guys were going to get an actual pet monkey to hang around the hockey house and that was the greatest idea I’ve ever heard in my life. Turns out they’re just “adopting” the monkey through the primate sanctuary so they won’t actually get to hang out with the little guy every day. However, the monkey will be using his little monkey hands and little monkey feet to paint a picture that will be auctioned off at the game along with some jerseys and shirts. So I guess that’s pretty cool regardless.

Hockey players and Harambe. Like lamb and tuna fish.


Roll damn Tide.

If you’re actually interested in picking up any Sticks Out For Harambe merch, I’ll have more info on that later once the designs are ready. I’m sure it’ll end up in a shrine up in Toronto at some point so you might as well get your hands on it now while you still can.

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