David Price Had Two Pallets Of Jordans Shipped To Fenway Park For His Teammates

Does team chemistry create winning, or does winning create team chemistry? Neither. David Price creates winning, and two big ass pallets of Jordans creates team chemistry. This is the type of shit that David Price does. He’s done stuff like this on every team he’s ever been on, and that’s why most of his former and current teammates refer to him as one of the best teammates they’ve ever had.

Here’s what former Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos said about him roughly a week before he signed with the Red Sox this past offseason:

“You hear about how he’??s a great guy, good teammate,” Anthopoulos told WEEI.com. “You hear that a lot about certain players, and it’??s mostly guys who can change a clubhouse and a culture. You would think it comes from the position players side. But I remember Ryan Dempster years ago telling me at one of the Baseball Canada dinners how he was considered a great clubhouse guy. But he said, ‘??Look, I pitch every five days. There’??s only so much I can do.’?? But David Price was one of the guys that if you talk to people in that clubhouse … We already had a good clubhouse, but he took it to a whole different level. He’??s probably the best teammate I’ve ever seen. I haven’??t been in the game that long, but everyone else who has been around him has said he’??s the best they’ve ever seen.

“Look, he’??s got front-line stuff. But he’??s legitimately a great teammate. His work ethic is off the charts and he makes everybody else on the team a lot better. He brings something else more than just the two ERA and the 240 innings and everything else. He leads. He sets a great example. He’??ll be a great get for any team that gets him.”

The Boston Globe had a pretty good article from this past spring training, where a bunch of Red Sox players were quoted talking about how Price came into camp and really went out of his way to get to know all of his teammates, all the way down to the minor leaguers, too. Actually, I talked to a couple dudes on the PawSox, and a bunch of those guys all room together, so Price bought them an Xbox for their apartment. And these are guys who Price hadn’t even really officially been teammates with.

But to answer the original question, there are plenty of teams who like each other and lose, and teams who hate each other and win. What it all comes down to is that teams who wear Jordans together win championships together.