Antonio Brown Dropped The Perfect Quote On The NFL's Face After It Fined Him For Twerking On Monday Night Football

ESPN- Antonio Brown had a very Antonio Brown-like answer to how much the NFL fined him for Week 1. “Nothing to a boss,” Brown told ESPN.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ star wide receiver said he got hit with two NFL fines: one for the end zone gyration he called the “Boomin'” after his second touchdown against the Washington Redskins, the other for wearing baby blue cleats, which violated uniform protocol. Brown, who was flagged 15 yards on the celebration, said the fine amounts were a “couple hundred.” A first-time unsportsmanlike conduct offense typically results in a $12,154 fine, according to the NFL’s fines and appeals chart, and “Foreign Substances on Body/Uniform” results in a $9,115 fine. Brown’s cleats were decorated with his No. 84 in white.

Love, love, looooove this quote out of Antonio Brown. In case his RIDICULOUS haircut and those sexy ass baby blue shoes didn’t already relay the message, this is the quote of a player that knows he is one of the best at his craft in the entire universe and will say/do pretty much whatever he wants. Antonio is basically asking the NFL how his ass tastes as he shakes it in their face. I don’t care how rich you are. Paying thousands of dollars for a touchdown dance that everyone outside of the Redskins fan base loved has to hurt at least a little bit. But when you have the talent on the field and on the dance floor as Antonio, stuff like this just rolls off your back because life is pretty awesome at all times.

In fact, I am going to say “Nothing to a boss” all weekend in honor of Antonio. Sure it will likely be used in situations like my wife telling me to change my baby’s diaper or if I want to upgrade to a large popcorn at the movies for only 25 cents more. But there is something about saying a quote like “Nothing to a boss” that makes you feel like more of a man. Like when the guys in Shawshank were drinking those beers up on the roof.

And while this is a great quote, nothing tops the GOAT response to an NFL fine.

It’s such a shame that the great “Maybe next time I might shake my dick” line got lost in the shuffle because “Straight cash homie” was such an epic line. I miss Randy Moss the player so much.

h/t Jordan