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Jimmy Fallon Ruffled Donald Trump's Hair And It Was WACKYYYYYY

By now if you don’t think Jimmy Fallon is the worst I don’t know what to tell ya. Every interview he just fake laughs, pounds on his desk for absolutely no reason, and panders to idiots. Copy, paste, rinse, and repeat. It’s his M.O. and it works- it’s how he’s the host of the Tonight Show and has stayed perched atop the late night ratings for the last couple of years.

That all being said, Fallon’s “interview” last night was downright embarrassing. Of course Fallon had no obligation to do anything more than he always does- be a blabbering idiot. He had no obligation to ask a single hard or tough question. But he had the platform and the opportunity to be more than the 3rd grader in a suit behind a desk, and he didn’t take it. He had the chance to prove he could be more than a cackling moron, and instead he chose to play with Trump’s hair. He didn’t have to be Letterman. He didn’t have to be Stewart or Colbert. But my goodness, he was so embarrassing just being Fallon. He had the Republican nominee for the President of the United States on his show and they were a half second away from playing kazoos or having a snowball fight.

Of course nobody turns to the Jimmy Fallon show for hard hitting political coverage. I know many people just want to flip him on and have a stupid laugh before bed. But you would think he would use his platform to ask one tough question? Maybe? He could have proven to be more than just “Jimmy Fallon, goofy wackadoo” and he decided meh. I get it though, that’s why people come on his show, he treats everyone with kid gloves, fluffs them up, does something wackyyyyyy with them, and then goes and drinks a bottle of vodka to forget about it. It works for him, and he’s successful doing it. But last night he could have added a new dimension and instead he took the easy road. Not mad, just disappointed.