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Eric Decker And His Gigantic Dick, Brandon Marshall And His Alien Knees, And Quincy Enunwa Beat The Bills

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This game went from “Oh fuck the season is over” to “The Jets are legit” to “This fucking team is going to kill me” to “How can a white guy be so fast and have such a big dick?” to “Holy shit this team has 4 legit weapons” over the course of about 2.5 quarters. The Jets officially have the best receiving core in the league if Enunwa keeps it up. A goddam roller coaster of a Thursday night that shouldnt have even been remotely close. When your QB throws for 374, you have three receivers over 100 yards, and a running back put up 100 yds and 3 TDs, you should win by approximately 330 points. But thats the New York Jets and thats how this whole shit works. From the brink of Cuncel and all the way back. One minute you want to kill yourself, the next minute you convince yourself this team is a legit contender. Par for the course.

PS – Where’s my Bears fans at? Whens the Black Cloud coming? Is 6 catches for 100 yards after what looked like a nasty knee injury part of the “This is how it starts?”

PPS – Jessie J Decker is the most down ass bitch of all time. Redefining Ride or Die. If my wife liked me 1/100th as much as Jessie Decker liked her husband I’d be the most confident man on earth