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Texans Fans Show Up To Matt Schaub's House To Berate Him For Being Matt Schaub






(Source) Matt Schaub has been catching heat in and around Houston for his play on the field with the Texans lately. But if the latest report is true, Houstonians need to get a hold of themselves. According to CBS Houston, Texans fans accosted Schaub at his home on Tuesday evening and “berated him for his poor play.” “A fan went to his house and told him off,” a law enforcement source told CBS Houston. Additionally the source told CBS Houston that another person “took pictures of his family.” Thankfully those pictures weren’t — according to the report — posted on Facebook or any social networks. According to the report it’s believed that the fans “left on their own accord” and that “no arrests were made.”

In all seriousness: football is a game, people. It’s OK to get upset that your favorite team’s quarterback is throwing interceptions that your opponents return for touchdowns. But going to a man’s home and harassing him and his family? That’s a line you don’t cross. Texans fans are generally perceived as smart, caring football fans. It’s probably a case of a few bad apples here. But that doesn’t make what happened — assuming it went down the way the report indicates — any less repugnant.


How about this report saying this is so out  of the ordinary for Texans fans? That Texan fans are generally perceived as smart, caring football fans? By who? Texans fans? I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone speak highly of a Texan fans. They’re Cowboys fans without any of the winning, and everyone in the world hates Cowboys fans. So no, this doesn’t surprise me. They burned Matt Schaub’s jersey a few weeks ago, it’s Matt Schaub for christ sakes, everyone agrees Matt Schaub is a middling shitty quarterback with a noodle arm. Like if you’re getting upset when Matt Schaub loses you a game then you clearly don’t understand football, quarterbacking, or Matt Schaub. If anything this just shows Texans fans have no idea what is going on. I mean get pissed when a star player fucks up, take pictures of Arian Foster’s house, but don’t get all butt hurt when Matt Schaub does Matt Schaub things, that’s just stupid and ignorant.




Credit where credit is due, the bring your own porta potty move from last month is a classy move.