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The Drug Dealer Who Threw 17 Bags Of Heroin Over The Fence At A Doggy Daycare While Running From Police Needs To Be Executed

DENVER — A suspected drug dealer allegedly threw 17 bags of heroin over the fence at a Denver doggy daycare while running from police. Several dogs ate the drugs, and one almost died. It happened on Tuesday at the Bark and Play located off 13th Ave. and Sante Fe Dr. Denver police said the officers saw the suspect dealing drugs near 14th Ave. and Speer Blvd., which is what lead to the chase. One officer saw him throw something over the fence. “You can’t process the fact that your dog ate heroin,” said dog owner Laura, who asked Denver7 not to use her last name. Laura said she was at work when she got the call from her dog’s daycare. “She’s high on heroin,” they told her. “We’re treating her but you need to come as soon as you can.”

Hey man, show a little situational awareness. You’re a drug dealer. That’s fine. No judgement here. Everybody’s gotta put food on the table and clothes on their back but come on. There has to be a line on where you’re willing to flush your stash. Doggy Daycares are clearly off limits. If he were a drug dealer with morals, he would’ve seen the Doggy Daycare and simply given himself up to police. Going to prison for 17 bags of heroin is better than getting away and potentially causing a dog to OD. I’d rather he threw that heroin into an actual daycare and little kids gobbled up the heroin. That’s way better than watching a dog accidentally get high on heroin and almost dying. So the only option is for the state of Colorado to execute that drug dealer. Harsh but fair. Any future drug dealers on the run need to know where they should and shouldn’t toss their drugs. Throw them into a doggy daycare? You get the chair. Let this be a lesson to all of you dealers out there.