Allen Iverson Wore His Finest Sweats And Chains To The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Good on Colbert to get Iverson to open up without the aid of his medicine. Yes, medicine for AI, as with many grandfather’s across the land, means booze. And there are never enough prescriptions to go around. But no shit he wore sweats and chains to a Late Show interview televised to millions of people. If you couldn’t get this man to dress up in his prime there’s no way he’s doing it in retirement. Nobody is ever going to tell this man what he can and can’t do, and you have to respect it to a point. Let’s just hope he makes it to his Reebok payday at 50.

Also, to prove this is AI’s everyday wear, here’s when I spotted The Answer suiting it up at a Sixers game this season. This was the only thing I could think of and I don’t think it’s that far off.