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When You Search "Butt" Gifs On The New iOS10 One Of The Options Is My Little Pony Showing You Where The Sun Don't Shine

You ready? You ready? I’m sure you’re thinking, “Come on, Trent. It’s My Little Pony! How bad could it be!” cause I thought the same thing. What’s the worst that it could be? My Little Pony is the embodiment of innocence. Nobody would do anything to mess with that. Right?

Here you go

Super casual. Just My Little Pony bent over pulling off her underwear like a common street whore. Looking back all naughty like. At least it appears to be consensual. For real though. Why is that even an option?! Why does that gif even exist?! These are the real questions we as a country need to be asking. I’m sure the iOS 10 algorithm just pulls up whatever matching gifs “butts” brings about. Not their fault. The fault is in the hands of whichever person living amongst us decided to make a gif where My Little Pony shows us everything. The authorities should be searching for that individual as we speak. Fucking bizarre.

PS- Would.