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The NFL Has Banned Grieving Fans From Making Customized Harambe Jerseys

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How far will the NFL go? First the TD celebrations, then they started fining people left and right for outrageous things like “having their socks too high” or “wearing shoes that honor victims of 9/11″. But now they have gone too far. They have crossed a line. You can no longer honor a dead gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo with a number 69 Harambe jersey.

Portnoy often calls Goodell Hitler, and we all say “alright Davey, calm down”. But little by little, maybe ol’ Pageviews might be on to something. I’m not even a Harambe guy. Like, it sucks he got shot and died because of some shit head child, but I’m not all aboard the Harambe train either. But millions and millions of people are. He has become a rallying cry for the country, a dead ape that has brought the union together more than I’ve ever seen. And now Goodell is putting the kibosh on it. He won’t let NFL fans honor him. That’s cold blooded. And not just that, it’s bad business. Let people spend $150 on a Harambe jersey, what the fuck do you care? All money is green. People grieve in different ways. And if some sorry Browns fan wants to slap Harambe on his back, that poor sap should be allowed to. This no fun NFL in a nutshell.

You can still honor him by buying a shirt from our store. 1 buy=1 honor.