Terrell Suggs Thinks Joe Flacco Is Elite And Has The T-Shirt To Prove It

Guess what for all those who think the “Is Joe Flacco Elite” debate is old hat (looking in your direction Dave Dameshek), Terrell Suggs is going to gum you to death if you bring that nonesense to his face. He’s from ball so hard university where the most popular major is beating nerds asses if they dont know anything about football, so I’d watch my mouth if I were you.

Also- shout out to Dennis Pitta for wearing this shirt when he scooped Flacco before Sundays blowout 13-7 win verse the Bills. Flacco himself credits the shirt with providing him with the conviction and courage necessary to get out there and start slingin the ball deep after coming off a ACL surgery. No big deal. Just made a t-shirt that essentally made Flacco Elite Again.