Roger Williams Institutes New Gym "Dress Code," Will Kick Girls Out For Wearing Anything Sexy

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The Rabble Rouser“Excuse me Miss, you are not allowed to wear those shorts in the gym. We will need you to either change or leave immediately,” said the gym monitor to the girl on the treadmill. This is a reality that will be coming to the RWU gym.

At a student senate meeting tonight with Assistant Director of Athletics Mike Gallagher and Fitness Coordinator Dr. Mark J. Andreozzi, senators were presented with a list of clothing that will soon be banned.

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According to the presenters, dress codes are now something that is being discussed primarily for sanitary reasons, but also for “decency.”

“Part of this is visual. I’m not going to lie to you about that,” said Gallagher.

“I wear a shirt because I sweat a lot and this is like the perfect example. You don’t want me working out on the machine before you and not wipe it down; that’s just disgusting,” said student senator John rice. “Everyone should be grateful.”

“What are we in middle school?” said RWU student Nicholas Manzi. “You sweat through your clothes; this will have no effect.”


Let me make this loud and clear – if there was ever, EVER a reason to protest in college, we just found it at Roger Williams. I mean I know, I’ve been outspoken for the past year about how dumb wasting your college years protesting is over dumb shit like building names and GMO cafeteria food, but even I have a line that can’t be crossed. And that line is declaring war on girls’ gym clothing. You come for my yoga pants or any type of sexy workout outfit, I pick up a motherfucking picket sign and start sit-inning the fuck out of you.

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At least I can respect these guys for shooting straight from the hip and admitting it’s a “visual thing.” You hate hot women and letting them wear what they’re comfortable in. At least you admit it.