Disgusting Mom Uses Umbilical Cord For Art

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Can these disgusting moms chill the fuck out for half a second, please?

Look, having a child is beautiful and all that. I have two kids. Love em; I dont want their blood covered, scabby umbilical cord pictures hanging in my house. That’s disgusting.I’m a simple man. A normal smiling picture with a beanie on a baby’s head is good enough for me.

There’s a line with parenting and these white Pinterest moms are leaping over it. Why can’t people just enjoy their kids without having to take it to a whole weirdo level? There’s people who plant their kid’s or the mom’s placenta… not really sure who the placenta actually belongs to and I’m not sure anyone really knows for sure. Science isn’t that advanced yet, but I do know that there’s no need to make a placenta oak tree appear in your yard.

Placenta oak trees and breast milk cookies, Pinterest has turned modern white women into some big ole weirdos.

Umbilical art. Jesus christ. (unless umbilical art is a cultural thing that I dont know about and then I think it’s beautiful because I’m very woke.)

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