Jon Dorenbos Ends His America's Got Talent Wizardry With Inspirational, Yet Kind Of Boring Trick

Cute. I don’t buy it, but it’s cute. If anything it represents the Eagles over the generations to a T. Battle, inspire, and do well more often than not, but when they get to the big stage the bed gets shat. This is the finals, man. The Super Bowl of what America’s most talented/weird birds have to offer. I’m all for going the sentimental route for points. You take any advantage possible to get ahead. But at least go out with a bang. Even if it isn’t that magical. Pull a Gob and just blow a Yacht the fuck up or something. It’s all about showmanship at this level. And unfortunately I don’t think this trick will keep the asses in the seats.

Sick to the basics, Jon. Or at least use whatever black magic you have left to keep the Wagon Wentz from getting flooded while fording the river. If that makes sense, which I’m pretty sure my upbringing based on Oregon Trial confirms that it does.