Urban Meyer Says He Doesn't Remember Writing A Bunch of Locker Room Speeches Because He Was On So Much Ambien

All State Sugar Bowl - Alabama v Ohio State
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The only help Urban took was Ambien for his sleep. One a night at first, and then two, washing them down with beer. “Every night,” Shelley says. “And it’s highly addictive. He couldn’t sleep without it.”

Even with it, he didn’t sleep much—maybe four hours a night—and it was a feverish, desperate sort of sleep, his mind incapable of stopping its search for problems to worry over and try to solve. He often woke up to find that, sometime in the night, he had filled dozens of pages with football plays and motivational speeches. He remembered writing none of it. [TBL via Bleacher]

Been there Urban. As a fellow Ambien taker myself I know exactly what you’re talking about. Waking up to find 3 blogs saved in the dashboard completely written and complete that you don’t even remember reading the story subject. Some of my best work has come from the time period between taking the Ambien and waiting for the sleep to kick in. Nothing to be ashamed of, in fact I think it actually helps bring out different parts of your brain you don’t usually use, I mean I’m not Dr. Oz or anything but that’s just my opinion.

Now obviously these are articles for a smut blog and not motivational speeches to inspire men to go into battle and intricate plays needed to beat college football dynasties and justify your $7 mil a year salary, but you get my point, just trying to tell you you’re not alone. All the greats (me, you, probably other people) fuck with sleep meds and do awesome at their jobs. To paraphrase Hemingway, write drunk, edit sober, also write on sleeping pills.