ESPN, The Worldwide Leader In Sports, Is Adding Drone Racing To The Lineup


Now I know what most of you are thinking right now–“God, this is such bullshit. Now even Drone Racing League highlights are going to get more play on SportsCenter than the NHL”. And you’re right. That is bullshit. But I think I’m finally ready to just let go of that battle. I know that ESPN will never actually give a shit about hockey no matter how much they want us to believe they do by broadcasting the World Cup. And I’m okay with that because I don’t want to give a shit about ESPN either. So moving on from that qualm (not sure if qualm is the right word here but I just like it), I actually think this is a great move. Why, you ask?

Well because FUCK the e-Sports crowd. That’s why.

I am so sick and tired of these nerds thinking their shit don’t stink. Walking around playing games that literally nobody else has ever heard of before. They think they’re the cock of of the walk. They think because they play video games on ESPN that they don’t deserve to get shoved into lockers like the rest of the nerds in the world. Is Drone Racing a real sport? Shit no. But at least it’s a step up from a bunch of dweebs butt-chugging Mountain Dew while they play Dungeons and Dragons. And yeah, maybe I’m still a little butt-hurt about Rick Fox saying that e-Sports will be bigger than the NHL in 2 years.  But also I’m not. Because I’ve said it before. I don’t have a problem with people playing video games as long as it’s Madden, NHL, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or anything like that. I’d watch people play those games every night of the week if someone had it on TV. But it’s these bullshit games that they play that make me hate the eSports community with a passion.

Lastly, I think there’s a real opportunity here for enforcers in Drone Racing. The closer we can get Drone Racing to a flying version of BattleBots, the better.