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Hardest Working Mailman On The Planet Right Here

Go home dude! Seriously. Go home. I respect his dedication but not a single person was sitting at home that day like, “Well where the hell is my mail? I don’t care that it’s a hurricane outside! I need my hand delivered mail!” I’m not even sure why we still have mailmen or mail at all. It’s maybe the most useless profession that still exists. How do all of these newspapers keep folding yet mailmen still roam the streets? Both of those professions seem like they should be dying at the same rate. Nobody reads newspapers anymore cause of the internet exists and nobody needs mail anymore for that same reason. All of our bills are paid online. All of the porn I need is a URL away so I don’t need the SI swimsuit edition anymore. The only thing that comes in the mail nowadays are glossy coupons and Jesus pamphlets that everyone instantly throws in the garbage. That’s what that mailman is risking his life for? Not worth it at all.