EA Sports Created Boogie Cousins As A Player In Madden And Of Course He Truck Sticks Everyone To Hell

RUMBLE YOUNG MAN RUMBLE!!! Just a brilliant idea by the people at EA Sports. I guess it was time to change their NBA focus after having their lunch handed to them year after year in basketball games by the good folks at 2K. And picking Boogie Cousins as the patient zero for this process was the perfect choice. I don’t know if Boogie is a Raider because he plays in NFL-less Sacramento or if it’s because of his general demeanor. But Boogie is the PERFECT Raider. This video is 10000% less realistic if Boogie isn’t a Raider. Tecmo Boogie is the perfect example of what the evolutionary Tecmo Bo would look like on the virtual gridiron. Shit, he’s almost a hybrid of Tecmo Bo and Tecmo Christian Okoye. And can you imagine if Boogie actually played in the NFL? Roger Goodell would be working around the clock coming up with new ways to fine him.

And tough break for Saints fans on this one. First they had their guts ripped out by Captain Jack Rio and Raiders on Sunday. And then they had to endure what I imagine was a waterfall of PTSD as they watched a video game player run through their team like the infamous Beastquake run.

P.S. This video of Derrick Rose’s knee exploding as he casually walked around the floor was like watching the future. And if you listen closely, you can almost hear the snarky Twitter jokes raining down on Knicks fans.