Former UNC QB Coach John Shoop Describes The Exact Moment When Butch Davis Found Out About The Academic Scandal, When A Player Got A "D" In Swahili

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Great episode of The Caleb Pressley Show this week, a full hour and 20 minutes with former UNC QB coach John Shoop featuring awesome stories about Brett Favre and John Gruden.

My favorite highlight:

Describing the exact moment he and Butch Davis realized something weird was going on with players’ classes.

“We’re in there and I say to Phil, now look…if you’re interested in coming to North Carolina…you have to take 2 years of a foreign language…

Then we’re talking to the coach and we had a player on the team who was really struggling, and I asked what kind of buttons could I push…

I’ll never forget, Richard Morgan looks at Coach Davis and looks at me, and he goes…”Well, let me ask you just talked to Phillip about taking a foreign language, and this guy’s taken 4 years of Spanish…why the F do you got him in Swahili?”

So Coach Davis and I sit back, I’d never thought of it. It never even crossed my mind. This guy is a straight A student in Spanish for 4 years, and now he’s required to take Swahili? It just made ya think there for a second…

We’re in the meeting, and Cynthia Reynolds is our lead academic lady, and (Butch) goes “I gotta say, I was just in a meeting, and I’m kind of embarrassed – why are all our guys in Swahili?”


“Why the heck do we have guys in Swahili?”

And it was just silent. And Cynthia is staring at Butch, and goes “You don’t get it do you?”

And it wasn’t long after that that Cynthia wasn’t there anymore.

Catch the rest of the show on iTunes, ton of great other tidbits in there for college football fans or just fans of good conversation in general.