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The State of Nevada Might Be Fining Conor McGregor And Nate Diaz A TON For Their Bottle Throwing Incident

LAS VEGAS — Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are each facing disciplinary action for their respective roles during last month’s UFC 202 news conference. The Nevada Attorney General’s Office has filed individual complaints against McGregor and Diaz. The complaints allege both fighters are guilty of conduct that is “detrimental to a contest or exhibition of unarmed combat.” Both fighters face a potential suspension and fine from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. 

The NSAC has fined UFC stars for news conference miscues in the past. In 2014, the commission fined then-light heavyweight champion Jon Jones $50,000 and then-title challenger Daniel Cormier $9,000 for getting into a brawl in the MGM Grand Hotel lobby.

The fines reflected 10 percent of each fighter’s disclosed purse for a scheduled title fight. Both Jones and Cormier were also ordered to complete community service.

Any fine similar to that penalty would hit McGregor and Diaz hard. McGregor, 28, received a record-breaking $3 million disclosed purse for UFC 202. Diaz, 31, netted $2 million. The NSAC has not set an official date for either disciplinary hearing regarding the incident.


This is beautiful. Only in the world of MMA can you beat the ever living shit out of each other until someone’s head falls off, but get massive fines and discipline thrown against you for tossing some water bottles and cans of energy drink in a press conference. I love that they expect these fighters whose job it is to turn each other’s brains into mush to mind their P’s and Q’s while standing 10 feet away from each other after months and months of trash talk about eating each other’s babies.

But since they did throw water bottles at each other, which is a HUGE no-no in Nevada, they could get fined 10% of the money they made from the fight. So let me do some quick math anddddddddd yep, that’s a $300,000 water bottle toss by Conor, and a $200,000 water bottle toss for Diaz. Most expensive bottles of Deep Park of all time.

But what other option did they have? Sometimes you just have to throw bottles of water the day before you get inside of a steel cage to try to end each other’s life. Really have to set the tone early. I’m sure both fighters would say it’s worth it.