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8-Year-Old Rugby Kid Is A First Class Steamrolling Sensation

Complete carnage from beginning to end. Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enters The Pitch with this truck flying over the border. I hereby don thee: The Burrito. Absolutely devastating his way through defenders like your standard 10-pound Chipotle baby does to the intestines. I don’t care how young, big, or how many episodes he’s starred in Modern Family, this is one of the better highlight videos we’ve come across. If anything we need to match him up against that beast of a lady rugby player who booms everything to the moon. Oklahoma drill that bitch for the masses. FEE-FI-FO-FUM!!!

If the Eagles are looking to pick up a fullback on the roster they should scout this mountain of a woman. And I’m not even kidding. Just hand the ball off to her and she’ll stiff-arm her tits off and run through everyone like Mike Alstott in his prime. Tip of the cap to the poor souls she decimated on the way to a Try. Especially the one that should have been legit decapitated at the end. All heart. But who taught these ladies how to tackle? Every single one is going in straight up just asking to get boomed to the moon. Gotta take the pins out to stand a chance, or just not die.

UPDATE: Sometimes the comment section comes through with an absolute gem. Screw The Burrito, this kid is hereby knighted BEAST MODELO.