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Kanye Fan Tries To Climb On To His Floating Stage

Kanye hit em with The Force! Like Darth Vader but in some homeless people clothes and some suede boots. I mean for all I know that kid is dead. One wave of the hand and it was eternal sheets for him. He fell back into the abyss underneath that stage and just died. Surprised he didnt crush his windpipe. And then like 3 songs later Yeezy probably did Jesus Walks and resurrected the guy. Because thats just how Kanye concerts go. Its genius. Its brilliant. Its revolutionary. And if you dont think so, you just dont get it. You dont understand.

I’ll tell you what I understand perfectly clear – that kid is fucking crazy. Jumping up on that wobbly stage like he was Bowser and Kanye was Mario. Remember that in Mario 64? Bowser in the Fire Sea? He jumped up and tipped that shit all they way upwards.

If someone hops up on that thing in the right spot, Kanye is slipping right off the side into the mob. Its-A-Me! Yeezio!