A Busybody Woman Didn't Like A Guy Interviewing A Mexican Girl At An Anti-Trump Rally And Went Off On White Men And Privilege And Oh Boy You're Gonna Love Her

Melissa Click, my how you’ve aged.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 9.24.56 AM

But really nothing sums up extreme white liberalism in 2016. The girl talking Mexico seemed to be having a fine enough time, laughing a little as this guy made his point about how you couldn’t protest like this in Mexico, and then this fucking hambeast has to saunter into the screen and make it all about her. She’s the one protecting the poor helpless minority from the victimization that is the white privilege of giving someone an opportunity to discuss their views on camera. She knows better than everyone, including the adult woman standing next to her who was smiling politely and could have walked away at any moment if she felt threatened. It’s just this paternalistic shit that drives me nuts, shaming people on Facebook because they have different viewpoints, guilting people into how if you’re not voting for their candidate this election you’re somehow betraying the democratic process (even though being able to vote for the candidate you support is the whole fucking point of the democratic process). It’s a bad year and the loud mouth mountains of mashed potatoes like this lady are the ones making it even worse than it already is.

Also double fuck her for taking away this spicy little angel’s camera time:


If you can look at that lip licking and smile and still want to build a wall, you disgust me and your access to any free streaming clips from Dirty Latina Maids or 8th Street Latinas has now been revoked. SHAME

(h/t Publicfreakout)