Protesters Stormed The Stage After Ryan Lochte Performed On Dancing With The Stars

“Whatever”- Ryan Lochte when the protestors stormed the stage (probably)

CNN- As Ryan Lochte received the judge’s critique for his first performance on “Dancing with the Stars,” he was interrupted by audience members who rushed on stage. ABC News reported that two men got on the ballroom dance floor and at least four other people yelled anti-Lochte chants.

“We had to go to break because we had a little incident,” he said, although he didn’t clarify any further. Bergeron thanked the security team on the show. He also asked Lochte how he was doing after the interruption. “So many feelings are going through my head right now,” said the Olympic swimmer. “I’m a little hurt.”

Absolutely, positively love this move out of Lochte. He knew that the minute he got voted off Dancing With The Stars, he was going to be a forgotten man again. So he probably staged this whole thing. Yes I know that creating another hoax would seem like a dumb thing. But this is Ryan motherfucking Lochte we are talking about. Mr. Jeah Jeah Jeah. By throwing a little WWE into the mix, both Lochte and Dancing With The Stars win big time. If the Kardashians can conquer Hollywood behind Kim K’s pussy and Ray J’s dick, Ryan Lochte can stay relevant for a few more weeks with a bunch of clearly staged headline grabs. Just like when A-Rod “saved” that kid from getting hit by a car. Straight out of the sports P.R. book. Do the damn thing and snake it til you make it, Ryno. That’s the American Dream.

And if this was a legit incident, what kind of a loser do you have to be to protest Ryan Lochte on Dancing With The Stars? Even the guys working at the gas station in Brazil probably forgot who Ryan Lochte is after the crushing reality of working at a gas station in Rio sunk back in.

However in typical Lochte fashion, he only gets the silver medal for best reaction to the protest of a pseudo sporting event.

Most Ryan Lochte reaction ever:

Just saw this was blogged hours earlier. Stay hot Clem.