Reader Email – Rate This Oscar Worthy Performance At The Airport

Reader Email

Our flight got delayed to Las Vegas by 7 hours. Guy gives an Oscar worthy performance and his wife gave zero fucks. It was awesome

This was AWESOME. I’ve already watched it like 10 times. The dynamic between this guy just going bananas while his wife just sat there was literally perfect. And I’m 100% on this guy’s side here too with this reaction. You need to react like that when airlines start delaying shit. They always act so casual. Like hey we’ll bring you some pizza in an hour and feel free to change your flight to next week if you want. FUCK THAT. This guy has probably been looking forward to going to Vegas for 6 months and gets hit with a 7 hours delay and the airlines act like it’s no big deal.

PS – This reminds me of an idea I had last time I was delayed. Airlines need to hire an “I’m Sorry” guy. Somebody who just walks around the waiting area and expresses how sorry they are for your fight being delayed. Listens to you rant and rave and just tells you how awful it it. I swear that’s half the reason I get so mad. They just act like they don’t care.

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