CM Punk Made $500,000 For Getting His Ass Kicked By Mickey Gall. COURAGE!

I’ve already said my peace on this so I don’t really have too much to add, but just wanted to get the official numbers out there. America’s brave and courageous hero, the guy with balls the size of planets, earned $500,000 in like 130 seconds. Just $100,000k less than the guy who won the heavyweight belt two fights later. Where did he get the stones? How did he push all his fears to the back of his mind and enter the octagon? Where did that valor come from? So much respect for Punk. Guy had the testicular fortitude to get out there and take some punches to the face for the low, low price of about $4,000 per second. BALLS. America needs more gallant warriors like this. Guys who do it for the love of the game and show kids that it’s all about chasing your dreams, shooting for the stars, never listening to the haters, and earning a FAT paycheck for looking like an idiot. Enough about the bravery of our troops and Apple for moving on from the headphone jack, let’s heap some more praise on CM Punk. That’s real heroism.

Where’s Mickey Gall? What’s he doing this second? I’ll jump in the octagon with him right this second for a measly $300,000. Mick can have the other $200,000. That’s a real hero.

PS – You know you had a bad fight when the president of the sport basically kicks you out of the league over it.

“He probably shouldn’t have his next fight in the UFC,” White replid. “Just like I said with Brock [Lesnar, another WWE convert] — having your first fight in the UFC is tough. And you see tonight — even if it’s against a guy who’s 2-0 — this is a tough place to learn.”

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