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Matt Kuchar Floats The Idea Of Tiger Being The 4th Captain's Pick For The Ryder Cup And It Should Be Tiger

So this happened today. Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III announced 3 of this 4 captain’s picks. They were Rickie Fowler, J.B. Holmes and Matt Kuchar. The 4th pick is to be announced after the Tour Championship on September 25th. Once they were announced, Golf Channel did a Skype interview with each of the guys. Mostly they talked about how excited they were to play for Team USA at Hazeltine blah blah blah. But then Matt Kuchar did that. He floated the idea that Tiger Woods could be the 4th and final captain’s pick. I will say, there’s a real chance Kuchar either A) had a bet with Tiger that he’d float his name B) did it for a comedy bit or C) both. I’m not ruling those out. Kuchar is a weird dude so maybe he just did it to stir up some shit.

Or maybe he meant it.

Here’s why Tiger being the 4th captain’s pick would be a stroke of genius by Davis Love III. It’s simple. How fucking pumped would the rest of Team USA be (especially the young guys) if they were playing alongside Tiger? Forget how he’s struggled over the last couple years and been super injury prone. The fact of the matter is that he’s still Tiger fucking Woods. He’s still that man. His driver’s license says so. He’s still the guy whose won 14 majors. He’s still the guy who has 79 PGA Tour victories. He’s still the guy who dominated the sport for a decade in a sport where domination is almost unthinkable. He’s still the guy whose missed just 15 cuts in 313 PGA events (for context, Jordan Spieth has already missed 13 cuts in his career). Tiger is the guy who changed EVERYTHING. He’s an icon in every sense of the word and an idol to the young guys. It’d be like being on the same team as Michael Jordan for the other guys on Team USA. You’re telling me that’s not valuable?

And sure, Tiger is already penciled in to be a vice captain and that’ll be fine and dandy. It’ll be cool to have him on the grounds with Team USA. But just imagine the impact it would have if Tiger teed it up with the team. I got goosebumps just typing that. It’d be an awesome way to come back. Not to mention it would make the Ryder Cup even more of a must-see event than it already is. This needs to happen.

Do the right thing, Davis. Make Tiger the 4th captain’s pick. Light the goddamn world on fire and make the Europeans shit themselves in the process.