A Woman And A Cold Stone Employee Got In A 'Let's Film Each Other Being Dicks And Post It To Social Media' Stand Off

What a showdown between two titans of being unlikable, each representing their very annoying view points, each unwilling to just let the situation go and move on with their lives for the sake of their own social standing or the little kid there. But instead you have this Cold Stone chick who (justifiably so) doesn’t give a fuck about her $10/hr job or basic human decorum, this Asian lady who doesn’t even notice her kid running away and flopping around on the floor because she’s too busy being a social justice warrior against profane ice cream scoopers, I mean my God what a couple of bags of shit. If I had to pick a winner I’d probably go with the Asian MILF because I’m superficial and I have to assume people usually don’t Google “Cold Stone employee who breathes through her mouth and probably doesn’t wash her hands” porn for their personal needs, it’s a fair tiebreaker. But there are no real winners here (other than everyone else who got delicious incredibly fattening ice cream and a show).

Also I guess maybe I’m not in touch enough with the plight of the Asian-American experience but I had no idea that the Cold Stone chick calling her “Miss Ling Ling” would lead to that harsh of a reaction. It’s obviously a racist thing to say but to the point where she thinks she needs to get the cops over to arrest the girl over it? I did not expect that strong of a reaction. I can’t imagine being that pissed unless she worked Miss Ling Ling into their stupid “Let’s all shout and sing because we got a tip” song…if she worked an Asian epithet or two into there, sure, all bets are off, probably couldn’t even enjoy the 1,800 calories of frozen cream and chopped up Snickers bits at that point.