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ICYMI: I Love This Crazy Iowa Hawkeye Fan More Than I Love My Own Family

I blogged this yesterday but who knows how many people saw it because Sundays are for watching NFL football. Figured I’d toss it up again because everyone needs to see this man. 

Straight facts. Not a single thing that guy said was wrong. Kirk Ferentz is the greatest coach in NCAA history? Fact. He’s already planning to get championship tattoos on his belly? Always good to plan ahead. Putting “GO” in front of “Hawkeyes” gives it more enthusiasm? Fact. Painting your house black and gold when the insurance company says it needs a new paint job? Power moves only. I thought I was a big Iowa Hawkeye fan because 94% of my shirts and sweatshirts say Iowa on them. Well I ain’t shit. My man Cory Brown just blew me outta the fucking water. The Cyclone missing limbs and burning up in a fire was my favorite of his tattoos. A tattoo like that can only come from the mind of a genius. Also, him saying, “Kids got their dying wish well mine is to have Kirk Ferentz sign my leg” was pure poetry. Go Cory Brown! Go Hawkeyes!

PS- I need Kirk Ferentz to sign this guy’s leg more than I’v ever needed anything. Do it, Kirk. Do it.